I always thought ‘chrysalis’ was a beautiful word. . .

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I SPENT MONDAY IN WASHINGTON, D.C. with two of my closest friends.  We decided to take a day trip, like the dozens we’ve taken throughout the last four years (generally, to visit the « Nash Gal » (national gallery), as my friends are Art History majors, and I love/produce art…).  We decided, without discussing it, that a trip to the National Gallery or the Freer-Sackler would be too painful, too reminiscent.  So, instead, we spent the day first at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, and then at the National Museum of Natural History, by way of a hot-dog stand.  

I don’t often use this blog as such an explicitly cathartic place, a place of emotional release, as well as creative.  But, I need it now.  You see, my friends are graduating on Saturday morning, and dispersing immediately afterward from our college town.  I, on the other hand, due to my maladjustment back to collegiate…

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My First Speech in Public Speaking 205: a subject that’s really important to me.

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Public Speaking
May 29, 2008
Formal Outline

Topic: Anxiety Disorders

Specific Purpose: To educate my audience about the most common psychiatric illness affecting children and adults in the United States: Anxiety Disorders.


I. Attention Getter:
June 17, 2006, my twentieth birthday. It was our last day in Shanghai; a city as smutty by day as it is neon by night. After nearly a month in China, I’d opted for a day trip to the Jade Buddha Temple, an opulent maze of statues, prayer flags, candles, and yellow-draped monks. Not only was I curious, like the rest of my traveling companions, to see the only state-sanctioned temple in all of China, but I also wanted peace. Since the day I stepped on the plane for Tokyo four weeks earlier, I had been experiencing an alarming and unknown illness.
That afternoon, the omnipresent symptoms began to make…

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